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Litter Locker II

Litter Locker II

The ultimate cat litter disposal system to help keep your home smelling fresh.  Patented system to lock in odours. Quick, clean, and easy to use.

Cat lovers, LitterLocker is here to make it easier to maintain your favourite pet's litter. As a cat owner, you know that soiled cat litter can smell really bad.  But now you can get rid of these bad smells for good. You can just scoop the litter clumps and dispose of it in the LitterLocker pail and odours will be locked in

LitterLocker is an innovative disposal bin for used cat litter. LitterLocker features a unique seal system to guarantee freedom from unpleasant odours.

Make the daily task of litter tray maintenance quick and easy as well as your home smelling fresh and clean with LitterLocker.

The LitterLocker is quick and easy to use:

  • Simply open the lid and using the scoop provided scoop in soiled litter from your cat’s litter tray
  • Close the lid and pull the handle, allowing the soiled litter to fall into the bottom of the unit
  • Release the handle to lock in odours and bacteria

How long does one refill last? 

One refill lasts on average 2 months for 1 cat

What  kind of cat litter can be used with the LitterLocker disposal system?

The LitterLocker system has been designed to be used with clumping cat litter

Does the bag really lock in odours?

The bag really locks in odours thanks to the multi-layer plastic film. The unique design of the unit also ensures that the bag remains airtight once clumped litter is in the bag

How often do I need to empty the LitterLocker?

It can hold up to 2 weeks of clumped litter (for 1 cat). When the bag is full, just open the LitterLocker II, cut the bag and dispose of it. Then you can pull more film from the refill, knot the bag and pull it to the bottom of the bin. You are now ready to use the LitterLocker again.

This will be the best cat purchase you ever made (second to your cats of course).

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