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Liam Fairhurst Foundation

Liam Fairhurst Foundation

Scampers are delighted to announce that we will be working alongside The Liam Fairhurst Foundation and helping them to promote their fantastic charity which assists children in need of support in times of difficulty.

Several years ago we were honoured to meet Liam and his brother Callum when Liam was attempting to raise funds for the excellent charity CLIC Sargent. We were delighted to help then and now, just through a chance re-meeting on Twitter we are going to help his amazing little brother Callum, his family and loads of supporters to continue raising money through their charity The Liam Fairhurst Foundation.

About Liam.  Liam was diagnosed with a soft tissue cancer in his leg and lungs in July 2005 when he was 10 years old and between this date and the date of his subsequent death in June 2009 he underwent numerous courses of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and operations in an attempt to halt the illness.  On three occasions he spent time in intensive care, was taking numerous supplements to keep his kidneys functioning and for the last year the toll of his illness was such that he was confined to a wheelchair. For most people that would have been enough, but despite everything Liam faced he set out to help other children like him. Liam started fundraising after the death of his 12 year old friend Jack Wilkinson in August 2006.

He chose the charity CLIC Sargent because both Jack and his family had been supported by them and he liked the fact that the charity supported the whole family and not just the child affected by cancer. He chose to do a sponsored one mile swim and with  the help of  the local media succeeded to raise £13000. What was remarkable was at the time of the swim Liam had lost over three quarters of the thigh muscle in his left leg and could barely walk 100 yards! But Liam was determined telling his family “no matter how long it takes I’m not getting out of the pool till I’ve done it”.

He then went on to National Television in ITVs FORTUNE MILLION POUND GIVEAWAY where he persuaded a panel of  five millionaires to part with £50,000 so that CLIC Sargent could purchase and equip a luxury caravan for families affected by cancer to be able to have short breaks away from hospital. It was as a result of this that Liam was nominated for and received a Diana Award. During routine scans six days after Liam's 12th birthday (March 2007) tumours were detected in both his lungs and within months Liam’s condition was regarded as terminal. Liam refused to accept the diagnosis and with his family’s support sought second opinions which on more than one occasion led to other treatment including chemo, operations and radiotherapy. At the time he was re diagnosed his fundraising stood at over £70,000 and his enthusiasm to continue fundraising was such that the local community took up his cause and started organising fundraising events in his name. Liam chose not to make it public that he was dying because he didn’t accept it and also didn’t want people feeling sorry for him. 

Liam was recognised for his fundraising receiving numerous awards including: Pride Of Britain (Child of Courage) and Channel 5’s , Britain's Kindest Kid. Despite everything Liam went through he always thought of others making sure his family and friends were supported and that other children affected by cancer could get the same support.

On the 30th June 2009 Liam passed away in his home in Soham, Cambridgeshire, surrounded by his family. At the time of his death Liam’s fundraising total stood at £340,000.  Many paid tribute to a remarkable young man who will always be remembered.

About the charity.  The Liam Fairhurst Foundation has been set up with thanks to the Fairhurst family, Monty English and Charles Russell Solicitors.

As a charity we hope to help disadvantaged young people in United Kingdom, especially those affected by Cancer and Disabilities, including there siblings.

We will also be helping young inspiring role models. So how will we do this? Liam Fairhurst Foundation will be funding charities, for example CLIC Sargent and Diana Awards, we will also be helping projects for example we hope to fund a nurse who can help out young people in there final few hours, days or weeks at night time, In Liam's final few days he was in a coma, the whole family found it hard to cope with not knowing how Liam felt, all though all the nurses where incredibly brilliant sadly there was little help at night time, we will also help individuals with money and/or support such as new wheelchairs or even last wishes.

The work we do is really vital, and it could not happen without the support of the great british public. We will continue to need YOUR support, if there is anyway you think you can help, please do contact us and we would LOVE to help/assist you. For those who raise lots we can even allow you to choose where the money goes and get feedback (and possibly a visit) to the project you helped.

Remember - £0 has been spent on overheads, we plan to keep it this way. All our staff are volunteers, we have no offices that cost, our site has been done for free, this ALL means every penny can go to the brilliant cause.

"Liam was an incredible young man who achieved so much in his short 14 years on this earth. I'll never forget meeting him - nor will the many people he helped through his amazing fund-raising for CLIC Sargent. I am so deeply sadden for Liam's family but I know that through their grief they must also be unbelievably proud of him. Liam truly was a Child of Courage and has left the most incredible legacy through all the good works he did for young people just like him." Richard Branson.

In store you will now see collection boxes for The Liam Fairhurst Foundation and any donations you can give while shopping with us will go directly to disadvantaged children.

From now on Scampers will be be working together with Callum and the family on a number of new fundraising ideas and we will keep you informed as to how things are going and how much we are all helping to raise together.

Piers, Michelle and all of the Scampers Team.

Article published June 2015