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James Wellbeloved and Royal Canin Discontinued at Scampers

James Wellbeloved and Royal Canin Discontinued at Scampers

Crown Pet Foods is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Mars/Pedigree Pet Foods. They are the owners of James Wellbeloved and Royal Canin and have announced that they are withdrawing all their pet foods from independent wholesalers.  Their policy in future is to insist that all pet stores sign up to deal with them direct and on their terms or do NOT get their foods.

Putting profits before people and pets

Their decision to remove nearly one hundred million pounds from the independent pet trade wholesalers will mean the loss of a great many jobs. Hundreds of people working for great companies will find themselves out of work.

Many of these companies are long term friends of ours and we believe they are an integral part of specialist pet care in the UK.  Too often these days we see massive corporations walk roughshod over small independent companies as they desperately try to grow their profits.  And we don’t want anything to do with it.  Quite honestly we just do not want to be part of this, nor do we want to work with companies who put profit before people and especially profit before pets! 

People you can Trust

Scampers have always been able to buy our James Wellbeloved and Royal Canin from Trust Pets Ltd, a lovely independent family owned wholesaler from Warwick.

Twice a week Trust supply Scampers, and hundreds of other independent pet stores, with pet foods and accessories. Without James Wellbeloved and Royal Canin their business is going to struggle unless retailers like Scampers support them.

After a huge amount of thought and consideration of the potential loss of sales to our company and the possible disappointment of you our customers we have taken the only decision we feel is ethical and respectful to our friends and colleagues - that is, to completely discontinue both James Wellbeloved and Royal Canin from Scampers.   We want to help keep our independent wholesaler in business!  We still sell a significant amount of James Wellbeloved and to a lesser extent Royal Canin. But they are by no means recommended by any of us at Scampers as we believe that we have so many better and more natural pet foods.

Over the last few years Scampers have been adding the most fantastic range of Natural, Grain Free, Biologically Appropriate, Organic, Cold Pressed, Canned, Air Dried and Raw pet foods to our range. There are options for every dog and cat and ALL are owned by independent companies ALL are transparent in their ingredients and ALL are truly passionate about pet healthcare.

We would love to keep all of you as customers. So, please if you have any questions about changing from James Wellbeloved or Royal Canin please ask me or any of our lovely pet care advisors for further information or to get a free sample of any of our range to try with your pets. 

David and Goliath

Crown Pet foods have now been made aware of our decision and are obviously unhappy that we have said NO!

Thank you for your support. 

 Piers Smart

 Managing Director, Scampers Natural Pet Store