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Jackson Galaxy Toys

Jackson Galaxy Toys

We love cats.  That’s why we were super excited when we found these interactive cat toys by Jackson Galaxy.  Jackson has more than 20 years of experience helping cats & cat guardians.

Jackson recommends daily vigorous interactive play with your cat.  Remember, cats are motivated by their primal instincts to hunt, catch, kill, and eat. They need to release this energy, and if they don’t, that’s when some pesky behaviour can start (scratching furniture or your legs, knocking things off the shelves, etc.).

Play with your cat every day! Dog owners have to walk their dogs, right? So, as cat guardians, you must play with your cats! This is a necessity. If you only have 10-15 minutes, that works (but of course your cat would love more time than this if you have it).

So let’s play.

Engage your frisky feline’s stalking and hunting instincts with the Ground Prey Wand with Iguana Toy. Designed by Jackson Galaxy for cats who love ground pursuits.  Top tip. Attach ground prey toy to wand then slide and slink along the ground to mimic the hunt for ground-based prey. Daily play with the Galaxy Wand will get your cat's mojo going!

Twisted Kickers deliver lots of fun for playtime kicks. Made with extra stuffing for greater play satisfaction and enhanced with U.S.A. grown organic catnip.

The Motor Mouse is a unique cat toy that appeals to your little lion's instinctive desire to stalk and capture prey. With unpredictable movements and a vibrating mechanism, your cat will be swatting and batting at this little guy in no time. Plus, it's deliberately made with colours that cats can easily see and materials they love! The fun, fuzzy texture and extra-long tail invite your kitty to come out and play—and, if that doesn't do it, the catnip sure will! It's sure to inspire an out-of-this-world playtime.

Pop along to Scampers to see our full range of Jackson Galaxy interactive toys for your cats.

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