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Intersand Cat Litter Loyalty Scheme

Intersand Cat Litter Loyalty Scheme

Intersand Customer Loyalty Card – Buy 8 get 1 free!

Our new Intersand Loyalty Scheme is available for both Intersand City Classics  and Odourlock cat litters

Intersand Loyalty Cards will allow you to mix and match between Intersand City Classics and Odourlock, but you cannot mix large (i.e. 12kg, 14kg or 15kg) and small bags (i.e. 6kg & 7kg).

After 8 purchases, the 9th bag is free. (Cheapest product FREE).

Please produce your Intersand Loyalty card each time you make a purchase at Scampers and the card must have been signed by a member of our Scampers Team.  Your details must be completed when the card is full to redeem your free bag, otherwise the card is void.

Intersand Premium cat litter is innovative, hygienic and simple to use:

  • Fine clay absorbs, holds and neutralises odours
  • Firm clumps formed immediately on contact with moisture
  • Clumps easily removed from litter tray
  • No need for litter lining, simply remove clumps and top up tray.
  • 99.9% dust free and with no tracking your home is kept clean and hygienic.

Scampers Natural Pet Store is located on the A142 Soham By Pass, between Ely and Newmarket and only 15 miles from Cambridge.

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