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Indoor Hunting Feeder by Doc & Phoebe

Indoor Hunting Feeder by Doc & Phoebe

The bowl-free natural way to feed your cats.  Prey. Eat. Love.

At Doc & Phoebe’s, they have spent two decades listening to science, nature and especially your cats. The Indoor Hunting Feeder is the fun and easy way to eliminate common bad behaviours in cats. Manage Cats are great but we all know the many downsides - aggression, night waking, etc. Bowl feeding causes these problems. A cat’s stomach is the size of a ping-pong ball - the size of a mouse. That’s no coincidence. In nature, cats spend 80% of their waking hours hunting for food. Cats need to hunt, catch and play with at least 5 small meals a day. Without it, they act out.

The benefits of hunting for your cat.

  • Prevent bad behaviour.  Cats redirect the hunting instinct into bad cat behaviour. Exercising natural hunting instinct improves your cat’s mood and preserves your furniture.
  • Sleep through the night.  Your cat will hunt for feeders at night, instead of hunting you!
  • Stops scarf & barf.  Your cat’s stomach is the size of a ping-pong ball. Hunting multiple small portions eliminates scarf and barf.
  • Litter box solutions.  Cats show distress by peeing outside of the litterbox. Hunting feeders relieve stress and can eliminate this terrible problem.
  • Weight management.  Portion Control + Exercise = Healthy Weight
  • Prevents boredom.  Your cat will happily spend the day hunting, receiving much-needed exercise.

Bowl feeding overfeeds your cat's body while leaving its predatory soul starved.  When you meet a cat’s behavioural needs they are naturally happier and healthier, and that means you are too.  Your cat is not a dog, don't feed them like one.


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