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I-Clean Self Service Dog Wash

I-Clean Self Service Dog Wash

“Anybody Who Doesn't Know What Soap Tastes Like Never Washed A Dog”
- Franklin P Jones

Does your dog need a quick freshen up but not the whole works at the grooming parlour? Have they been rolling in something stinky or been swimming in lovely muddy puddles, do you have the in-laws coming to visit?!

Then we have just what you need!

The I-Clean dog wash at Scampers is the most up to date DIY dog wash currently available anywhere in the World!  Scampers are the first Pet Store with an I-Clean XL Touch PLUS.

Simple to use, easier than trying to wash your dogs at home, no more messy bathrooms, no more aching backs, uses great quality shampoos and conditioners, far less expensive than the groomers, safe for your dogs and a fantastic price of just £10.00 or even better....4 x Full Scampers reward cards.

We provide a waterproof apron, somewhere to hang your coat and even a place to put your handbag and if you have more than one dog there are hooks to tether them inside the wash area while they wait their turn.

The dog wash is open Mon-Fri 9am to 5.30pm Saturday 9am to 5.00pm Sundays 10am to 3.30pm and Bank Holidays 10am to 4.30pm.

There is no appointment necessary as it is first come first washed. The machine takes £10 notes or a token you can purchase at the till for 12 minutes of cleaning and blow-drying time.

You can choose any combination of shampoo, conditioner, flea wash and 2 speed blow really is plenty of time to get yours dogs clean and dry. (For very hairy dogs we recommend you bring an Easi Dry towel or similar to help you get a perfect dry or you can simply add another token for maximum dry).


Courtesies of the Self-Service Dog Wash

The Self-Service Dog Wash is a wash & blow dry  ONLY facility.  If your dog needs grooming before you bathe them, please do so outside.

If your dog has an ‘accident’ please clean up after them with the disinfectant provided or tell one of the Scampers team.

The Dog Wash is on a first come first wash basis.  A waiting list can be made on the chalk board provided.

The Dog Wash is only to be operated by an adult.

Please keep your dog on a lead and tethered when in the Dog Wash area and in the Dog Wash itself at all times. 

You are responsible for the  supervision of your dog.  NEVER LEAVE YOUR DOG ALONE IN THE DOG WASH.

Please leave the Dog Wash area clean & tidy for the next client.


Police Service Dogs .... FREE any day!

We look forward to seeing your dog getting soapy & clean at Scampers soon!  Now break out the bubbles .... you’re going in!

Scampers Natural Pet Store is open seven days a week and easy to find on the A142 Soham by-pass between Ely and Newmarket.  

Scampers, Your Pet’s Natural Choice