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Hyper Fetch Interactive Dog Launcher

Hyper Fetch Interactive Dog Launcher

Does your dog love to play fetch?  Sometimes life gets busy and suddenly there is no time to play, don’t worry, Scampers now have the hyper fetch. 

Now your dog will always be able to play their favourite game, even when you are not home. Hyper fetch is an ‘on demand’ ball launcher with three throwing modes, 3,6 or 9 metres.

The hyper fetch comes with a remote control which allows you to control the fetch game so you can also interact with your dog and decide when the ball should kick out. 

Hyper fetch is rechargeable (lithium battery included) which means you can take it to any place you want without worrying about having to plug it in.

When introducing your dog to their new favourite game, Hyper fetch, we would recommend that you teach your dog to stay behind or to the side of the interactive toy as it prepares to launch.  Remember the Hyper fetch at its longest launch will go 9 metres, that’s quite a speed, to avoid any injuries, ensure you teach your dog where to stand before starting the game of fetch.

With a handful of healthy treats, it shouldn’t take too long.  While most dogs learn very quickly where to stand to avoid getting hit by the ball, your (adult) supervision is recommended until your dog is fully trained.

Now go Hyper fetch!

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