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Hownd Hero Bowl

Hownd Hero Bowl

Did you know that 67% of bowls coming out of the dishwasher still have Salmonella present on their surfaces*? If a surface isn’t continuously resistant to bacteria, the germs continue to thrive and multiply. (*According to the NSF - National Sanitation Foundation)

Guaranteed to resist the growth of over 99% of MRSA and E.Colibacteria, the HERO bowl is undoubtedly the world’s most hygienic germ-busting dog food and water bowl.

The HERO bowl is scientifically proven to prevent the growth of over 99% of common bacteria, mould and fungi as well as MRSA and E.coli.

A superior alternative to stainless steel, ceramic and other unprotected bowls, the HERO Bowl will stay fresher for longer, and is the perfect solution for multiple pet households, raw feeders, and families with young children.

Made with built-in smart silver ion technology, the HERO bowl gives unparalleled 24-hour antimicrobial protection and is the most hygienic dog bowl on the market.

The HERO bowl is made from premium recyclable polypropylene. Dishwasher safe, non-slip, ergonomic.

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