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Henry Wag Vehicle Protectors

Henry Wag Vehicle Protectors

Off on a joyride with your pets?  Want to keep your car clean, tidy and protected from muddy paws and wet coats?  We have the perfect accessories for dog and pet lovers who like to be out and about with their pets.

Single Car Seat Protector
The Henry Wag Single Car Seat Protector is easy to fit and remove from your vehicle and the straps can be adjusted to fit securely into most cars. The straps secure the seat protector over the head rest and around the seat for a comfortable fit.

This cover is made from hardwearing yet comfortable fabric in a practical and contemporary grey colour that can be brushed or wiped down and also washed in the machine at 30 degrees. It also has a waterproof backing for added protection.

Henry Wag Car Bench Pet Hammock
This Car Bench Pet Hammock provides a safe environment for your dog when travelling in the back to stop them from falling off the seat into the foot well. It also protects your backseat from pet hair, dirt and dust.

Made from durable, machine washable fabric with adjustable straps and quick connect snaps to wrap around front and rear headrests.  It includes a Non-Slip backing and fixing pipes secure the Hammock in place. Side panels protect the seat edges during access and slots in the base allow access to the seatbelt clips for securing the dog’s harness whilst in transit. The pet hammock can be folded and stored when not in use.

Henry Wag Pet Hammock
We also have the Pet Hammock which has storage pockets for snacks and accessories. It features access slots for securing pet harnesses to the seat belt buckles to ensure your pet is safe when traveling in the car.

Henry Wag Car Boot & Bumper Protector
Protecting your boot space enables you to travel with your dog to your favourite walking spots, allowing you to exercise the most active of dogs on the muddiest days whilst giving you the full active lifestyle you seek. These quality protectors fit easily into the back of your car and provides comfort for your dog and helps to keep your boot clean and tidy, protecting the interior from the wettest, muddiest and sandiest of dogs.

The Car Boot & Bumper Protector comes in two sizes to fit most SUV’s or small hatchbacks.

The protector fixes around the rear head restraints and fixes to the back of the rear seats with Velcro. It has sides to protect the boot walls and can fix to fabric or plastic interiors. The quilted double wall twill nylon is tear resistant and easily brushed clean or machine washed. Included is a weighted bumper protection panel which is adjustable to the size of the vehicle and protects the bumper from dirt and scratches whilst loading and unloading.

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