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Happy Ride Car Dog Bed

Happy Ride Car Dog Bed

Let your best friend dream while you drive with the Happy Ride™ Car Dog Bed.

Your dog gets a cosy bed to give them the perfect combination of comfort and protection so he can snooze and relax as you head down the road together; you get a durable seat protector that covers your car seat to keep it free from hair and pet messes.

The car dog bed works with any rear or bucket seat with a headrest. The soft, micro suede lining pairs with an over-stuffed bolster and cushion to provide a comfortable sense of security that will calm anxious or restless pups during long rides.

Seat belt slits allow normal use of your car's seat belts with the dog bed in place. This lets you use a seat belt safety tether (sold separately and highly recommended) for maximum safety.

If your seat cover is ready to be cleaned at the end of a fun-filled day with your best friend, simply toss the cover into your washing machine ready for your next ‘Happy Ride’ together.

Key Features

  • Pet Bed and Seat Cover - The perfect combination for road trips with your pup; measures 102 cm L x 58 cm W x 13 cm H; dog bed portion is 48 cm deep; suitable for dogs up to 13.6 kilograms (that’s Rooster size 😊)
  • Protect your seats - Durable materials keep hair and pet messes off your seats; works with all vehicle seat types, even leather seats
  • Cosy comfort - Soft, micro suede liner covers the over-stuffed bolster cushion and pillow; this comfy cuddler is perfect for pups who like to snooze on long car trips
  • Quick setup - Use the adjustable headrest strap to install on any front seat or back seat with headrests; the seat anchor and lower strap help the dog bed stay in place
  • Easy cleaning – Machine-washable; the bolster cushion and seat pillow are easy to remove from zippered compartments.

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