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GreenAcres - Truly Natural Ingredients

GreenAcres - Truly Natural Ingredients

Scampers are delighted to welcome Greenacres to the Scampers family of natural dog foods. Greenacres is a quality range of dry foods with all-natural ingredients and is ideal for dog owners wanting to move away from mass produced pet foods with less than honest ingredients. 

This is what Greenacres say;

All our ingredients are preservative free and contain nothing artificial.  Is the food you feed truly natural?

GreenAcres dog food is 100% natural and only contains honest, healthy ingredients to keep your pet happy and healthy. The ‘brains’ behind GreenAcres have spent a lot of time studying exactly how your dog’s digestive system works so they understand just how hard foods like wheat, dairy and even beef can be hard for your pooch to process.

This is why every bag of GreenAcres contains either Turkey, Lamb or Fish as the main protein source, they’re not only much easier for your dog to digest, they contain high levels of essential vitamins and minerals like Zinc and Omega 3. This help boost immune systems, keep kidneys functioning well and contribute towards a healthy heart as well as keeping coats healthy and glossy.

Once the main protein is packed in, a few other natural ingredients are added like Linseed, Seaweed and Alfalfa. These helps get extra Omega fatty acids into your dog’s diet to help keep their joints supple and protected (or even help ease arthritis symptoms), and ensure they’re getting all their recommended daily dose of vitamins.

The end product is a healthy, complete food that have seen countless wagging tails tell us tastes fantastic.

Because different sizes and ages need different priorities from their diet, you’ll find the GreenAcres complete natural dog food range contains something for every dog.

The small breed range understands these dogs have a high metabolic rate so they need a food to keep up with their energy burn rate as well as being suitable for their smaller mouths. Large breeds need larger kibble pieces and food that’s more slow releasing – not to mention that Linseed and Seaweed to help keep their joints protected.

Don’t forget, if you’ve ever got any questions or just want a little guidance, Scampers Pet Care Advisors are expertly trained to make sure you’re giving your pet the perfect diet.

Greenacres is a great value alternative to many mass-produced brands available in pet supermarkets and grocery stores at a very competitive price.

Scampers Natural Pet Store is located on the A142 Soham By Pass, between Ely and Newmarket and only 15 miles from Cambridge.

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