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Flexi Retractable Leads

Flexi Retractable Leads

Over the years there have been many retractable leads come to the market, some okay and some not okay.  At Scampers we have only and will only ever stock the original and safest retractable lead on the market. 

Flexi is packed with innovative ideas, patented technology and handcrafted details. Each Flexi model is assembled by hand and undergoes more than 100 quality checks before your tail-wagger actually gets to use it. The reward: uncompromising standards of perfection that will satisfy the needs of even the most energetic dog.

Dogs need exercise. They have so much energy that needs to be spent outside. So lace up your shoes, open the door and get moving. You’ll both feel better for it.

A walk with your dog is one of the most important activities you can share. The long cord or tape lead on a Flexi Comfort adjusts automatically as your dog moves, giving them additional space to explore their environment without forcing you to stop and wait all the time. Research shows, your dog will run up to 3 times more than you - that keeps them fit and healthy. So while your best friend has more opportunity to trot back and forth, run a little, stop and smell something of interest, or mark a spot, they will not force you to stop and start a dozen times along the way.

The Flexi lead is not suitable for all dogs and at Scampers we would never recommend one to a dog under 6 months of age.  We would also always recommend when walking in public areas or roadways, have your Flexi on lock.  Don’t be one of those users who allow the dogs to turn a corner 8 metres before you do or run into a road, accidents do and have sadly happened. 

However some situations are excellent opportunities to use a Flexi lead.

  • If your dog is prone to running away, a Flexi lead provides them with more opportunity to have a proper stretch of their legs and good old sniff about.
  • If your dog needs to be kept on a lead for medical reasons, the Flexi is suitable for gentle exercise.
  • If your dog has a terrible recall, using the Flexi can help, bring your dog towards you while calling them back, they have no choice but to return.
  • If your dog has a tendency to chase prey, such as cats or rabbits, a retractable lead can help to keep other animals like these safe.

The Flexi lead offers both you and your dog great comfort and safety. Nevertheless: Use the Flexi lead appropriately and, of course, respectfully.

  • Do not use the Flexi lead to tie your dog up.
  • Never use the Flexi lead other than with your hand.
  • Do not grasp the cord or tape, you could get injured.
  • Do not wind the tape or cord around parts of your body, you may injure yourself.
  • Safety loop: In addition to the dog collar, always use the safety loop provided. Should the collar snap, the safety loop avoids the cord or the tape rebounding, which may result in injury.
  • Check the collar of your dog regularly.
  • Walk the dog to heel when other persons or animals approach.
  • Only use the permanent stop function when walking your dog to heel on the short lead.
  • Children should not be allowed to use the Flexi lead.
  • Please never open the casing – there is the risk of injury because of the recoil spring mechanism that is under tension.

Examine your Flexi lead before each use. Even high quality materials are subject to wear and tear.  If the Flexi lead (cord or tape lead) gets wet, please pull it out of the case completely, activate the brake lock, and let it dry overnight. Remove adherent dirt from tape/cord and casing before you retract the lead. Strong abrasion or damages - often caused by bites - can harm cord or tape. Please do not continue to use a Flexi lead in such a case.

Also available for your Flexi leads are a range of accessories; poo bag holders and night safety lights, both easily fix on to your Flexi.

Flexi, for wide open spaces!

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