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The secret to happy cats.

Cats basic needs should not be too difficult to satisfy; being fed, having private resting and toileting places, being left alone when they wish, but being entertained if they want and, of course, being able to escape situations that cause them stress.

Our modern and busy lifestyles do not always allow this for our cats which results in problems such as urine marking, scratching, conflicts between other cats and sometimes aggression toward people or other pets in the house.  All compromise the cats well-being and welfare and in worst cases, medical problems in cats can develop.

Feliway helps prevent or control such problems and restore the cats emotional balance.

Feliway has been scientifically proven (11 years on the market with exceptional track record of efficacy) to prevent or stop urine marking or unwanted scratching in cats.

Feliway helps reassure cats in an unknown environment or stressful environment, for example, visits to the vets, new house, carry basket and visits to the cattery.

To find out more about Feliway, pop into Scampers and speak to one of our Pet Care Advisors to help your cat be a happy cat.  Scampers,  promoting behaviour wellness for your pets.