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Feeding your Dogs and Cats

Feeding your Dogs and Cats
Biologically Appropriate

Trying to find factual and qualified information about pet foods and feeding dogs and cats on the internet can be a complicated and confusing experience.

A few years ago we at Scampers decided to fully research the benefits of Biologically and Species Appropriate feeding and at the same time about the Bones and Raw Food concept.

Our journey of discovery took us on a completely new path and resulted in us totally changing all the ranges of pet food on our shelves and what we fed to our own dogs and cats.

One of the companies we have worked exceptionally closely with is Champion Pet Foods, the manufacturers of Orijen and Acana for dogs and cats. Champions’ philosophy is to produce pet foods which (while still extruded) mimic as closely as possible the Biologically Appropriate requirements of dogs and cats. At the same time we have found Champion to be passionate about feeding pets as naturally as possible and as you will see from this fantastic piece of research within this White Paper they are honest enough to explain the undoubted health benefits of raw feeding.

This integrity of being honest about the BARF concept earns them enormous respect from Scampers and this document, we believe should be read by ALL professionals in the pet food market, Veterinarians, Dog Trainers, breeders and especially all dog and cat owners who want to understand more about feeding their pets.

I hope it helps you to understand a little more about our canine and feline friends and to make a more informed decision on what and how to feed them.  Click here to read the White Paper.

Piers Smart

As a faithful companion to humans for some 10,000 years, the trend to humanize our companion dogs comes as no surprise.

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