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Feathers & Beaky Treats and Accessories for Chickens.

Feathers & Beaky Treats and Accessories for Chickens.

For happy healthy chickens Scampers have a superb range of treats and accessories for your girls.

Feathers & Beaky have a unique range of treats to give chickens everything they need to stay in tip-top condition. The balanced, healthy recipes are made from 100% natural ingredients and are full of the vitamins and minerals required to keep chickens happy and healthy.

Feathers & Beaky Superfood Probiotic Treat

Feathers & Beaky Superfood Probiotic Treat is a little pouch of goodness containing 100% natural health boosting ingredients that your chickens will love. The tasty herbal pellets are packed full of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers to help improve the overall health & appearance of your flock – it’s delicious too, so your hens will love you come treat time!

Feathers & Beaky Fruit & Berry, or Garlic & Seaweed Mega Peck-it.

Feathers & Beaky Mega Peck is a yummy, boredom-busting pecking block packed with delicious natural ingredients. Placed in the coop, run, or hung up at head height with a knotted rope, the long-lasting Mega Peck-it will keep your flock occupied, whilst providing them with 100% natural nutrition.

Feathers & Beaky Fresh Nest Herbs

Feathers & Beaky Fresh Nest Herbs is a mixture of eight natural herbs and flowers which have amazing health-boosting properties. As well as providing a wonderful smelling nest area, they will also help to calm & relax your hens naturally through aromatherapy. What’s more, the natural oils in several of these herbs & flowers will help to deter mice and pests such as lice, keeping your coop fresh and your chickens happy!

Feathers & Beaky Chicken Grit

Feathers & Beaky Chicken Grit is a mixture of flint grit and limestone grit, oyster shell, cockle shell and charcoal. It is an essential part of your chicken’s diet, as it helps grind the food down in their gizzards.

Feathers & Beaky Chicken Treat

This Chicken Treat is a little different from the traditional mixed corn. Feathers & Beaky have gathered all the things that chickens love and mixed them into a deliciously good treat.  A chicken's crop only holds around 100g of feed, so we advise feeding Chicken Treat after they've finished their layers pellets to ensure they get all their nutritional requirements.

Feathers & Beaky Vegetable Holder

No more bored chickens! The vegetable feeder from Feathers & Beaky is a robust and quirky design and a must for your chickens.  It can be hung up in your chicken’s run and will encourage exercise and prevent boredom all round. It can hold vegetables or treats, keeping them off the ground so preventing rotting and attracting other visitors! 

Feathers & Beaky Peck-It Treat Dispenser

Simply fill the Feathers & Beaky treat dispenser with treats or corn and when your hens peck at it, a few will fall out.

Pop along to Scampers to see our range of Feathers & Beaky treats for your girls and cool accessories.

Scampers Natural Pet Store is open seven days a week and easy to find on the A142 Soham by-pass between Ely and Newmarket.  

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