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Everlasting Balls for your Dogs

Everlasting Balls for your Dogs

Fantastic DuraFoam Ball Soft, but extremely durable, the Fantastic DuraFoam Ball is ideal for fetching indoors and out, as well as in water.  Fantastic bounce and soft on the mouth.

Swing ‘n Fling DuraFoam Fetch Ball
Virtually indestructible ball designed for flying far and perfect for retrieval or tug of war games.  A Ball that Does It All.  Great to tug, shake chew and toss. Even floats in water.

  • Flies Far & Easy to Catch
  • Fun for you to throw and easy for your dog to retrieve.
  • Unique, Durable Design
  • With no cover to chew off, it’s safer than a tennis ball.
  • Designed for Play
  • Lightweight and soft for indoors or out and even floats in water. Great for puppies

Whilst these DuraFoam Balls certainly are tough, as with all dog toy products, your pets should be supervised as no product is completely indestructible. Pieces smaller than the mouth may present a choking hazard.  Ensure you check toys for damage and do not allow them to continue to play with any broken or damaged toy.  Always choose the correct size toy for your dog, if in doubt, go larger!

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Norman, our Beauceron, absolutely loved his fantastic DuraFoam ball for over seven years and it is still going strong, even though he has passed away and the new dogs Rooster and Sardine now play with it!  Perfect for rainy days, the ball is very lightweight so we happily play indoors with the ball.

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