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Earth Animal No-Hide Dog Chews

Earth Animal  No-Hide Dog Chews

No-Hide dog chews, digestible, delicious, durable.  The natural alternative to rawhide. 

There is No-Hiding it, finally, a healthier and more digestible alternative to Rawhide. No-Hide® Chews gives new meaning to dog treats. They are more durable and digestible than any other chew on the market. When it comes to Earth Animal’s true core values, we insist on quality and we never settle for second best.

The inspiration for No-Hide® was to make a nutritious treat that would keep our dogs busy, help maintain healthy teeth and gums and have a chew that is easily digestible.  No-Hides® are one of the first chews of its kind and Hide free!  The people have spoken and the dogs are begging for more.   Durable and long lasting makes a joyously, satisfied happy pup!

No-Hide® chews are 100% free of rawhide and made with the highest quality, human grade ingredients available. They’re easy to digest. In fact, in an updated, independent testing conducted by Dr. Timothy J. Bowser, Ph.D., P.E., at PetMech, LLC found that No-Hides® are easily digestible and a healthy alternative to rawhide.

No-Hide Wholesome Dog Chews only contains 7 ingredients: an animal protein source (chicken, pork, beef, salmon or venison), Gelatin, Brown Rice Flour, Eggs, Olive Oil, Banana, Bromelain (Pineapple).

Here are some important facts and information on providing the safest environment for your beloved best friends to enjoy their chews of any kind and No-Hides®.  

Keep an eye out for the odd dog who decides to “unroll” the No-Hide®. If your dog does unroll it, and just rips small pieces off to consume, there shouldn’t be a problem. If the dog is trying to swallow large, flat sections of No-Hide®, be sure your dog is not gulping those pieces.  Supervise, Supervise, Supervise!

Be aware that dogs don’t actually have the physical capability to “chew” (as we humans think of it – i.e., flat molars that move back and forth and grind food down into smaller pieces).

Dogs, because they don’t have flat teeth and don’t have jaws that work from side to side, simply gnaw (scrape the sides of larger items wearing that item down gradually) or, move food to their back, sharp teeth (not flat like ours), mash the piece once or twice, and then suck it down. So again, when choosing the best-sized chew, larger than their mouth is more appropriate and thus safer for the dog.  Once the chew or NO-Hide is small enough to fit into your dog’s mouth, we always recommended discarding it and getting your dog another No-Hide.

Remember that anything that goes in a dog’s mouth can become a choking hazard. That’s why it is incredibly important to supervise your dog’s every time you are giving treats or chews of any kind – be it No-Hide®, real bones, bully sticks, pig’s ears or even cookies. If you are not able to supervise, then we encourage you to wait and give them their chew when you can be present!

Dogs who are known “gulpers” or aggressive chewers should be closely watched when they get a chew and if they don’t improve their “chew IQ”, they may need to forego chews altogether.  

What's chew IQ?

Size matters when it comes to choosing the right chew or treat for your dog.  Chews and treats are enjoyed differently by different dogs. Some gulp, some tear, some mash. Others gnaw nibble or pick. That’s why it’s so very   important to ‘chews’ the right size.  If in doubt always go large.  When the chew fits into your dog’s mouth, we advise to throw it away and get a new one.  Never leave your dog unattended with a chew, bone or toy.  Accidents can and do happen.

Remember, choose your chews carefully and if in doubt, always GO LARGE.  Ask one of our Pet Care Advisors at Scampers to find out what is the best chew for your bestie.

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