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Dog StreamZ Smart Collar

Dog StreamZ Smart Collar

Natural pain relief and recovery.  A new understanding in magnetic technology.

"Every now and again a new product comes to the pet market which holds the real potential to improve our dog’s lives. Although as you can read below the StreamZ collar has many applications for health improvement in dogs I am very aware that we have an aging population of dogs that in many cases are living longer just as humans are. Like us our dogs suffer from increasing aches and pains with joint issues like arthritis and we are all trying to do our level best to keep them comfortable in their golden years. 

Our own dog Norman a 40kg plus Beauceron has now, at twelve years old, been diagnosed with Spondylosis in his spine. We have been using, and continue to do so, a range of joint care supplements including Diet Dog senior mobility and Diet Dog joints and bones along with a Yumove Plus for breakfast to help keep him mobile and aid his joints. We also have Norman treated on a regular basis with acupuncture which has, with the supplementation, really helped him this last year or so. Once we saw the StreamZ and learnt that it could really benefit Norman and also help to accelerate the absorption of the supplements, we decided to give it a go. 

All I can say is that we are delighted that, after just one week, we have actually seen a small improvement in Normans general energy level and a visual easing of his movement. We realise that there is no miracle cure for the problems that he physically carries, but when we see small improvements, these are like miracles to us and this is why we are recommending this product to all our customers dogs, especially to the old guys who need every little bit of help we can give them".  Piers Smart, MD Scampers

The DOG StreamZ smart collar provides a unique approach to canine wellbeing, using a patented design based on resonance technology. Developed to cater for all breeds and available in three standard sizes, the design is based on the eye-catching StreamZ Global range.

The StreamZ material contained within the collar is designed to create day-to-day improvements in canine vitality, by rebalancing compounds and minerals in the body. Dog StreamZ Smart Collar is for all dogs of all ages, for a long and healthy life.

VITALITY AND WELLBEING.  Dog StreamZ users have reported significant improvements in their dog’s condition when wearing the Dog StreamZ smart collar. These relate to a range of symptoms, including arthritic conditions, energy levels, behavioural issues, stamina and general wellbeing.

After the success of the StreamZ range with horses and humans, StreamZ developed a range of smart collars to cater for all breeds of dogs. Successful independent studies were carried out on a variety of breeds professionally diagnosed with arthritic symptoms.

Following these studies the DOG StreamZ collars have been shown to support:

  • Mobility and Stiffness
  • Injured and aching muscles
  • Energy levels and vitality
  • Digestion issues
  • General happiness and condition
  • Overall wellbeing

Some of the key aspects of using the Dog StreamZ collars are as follows:

  • 24/7 use, helping to provide total care
  • Low-cost solution
  • Natural process, no known long or short term side effects

MOBILITY  Evidence has been collected showing a significant improvement in the dog’s overall mobility. Recovery time from joint and muscle symptoms have shown to be accelerated as the body is thought to be balanced to its optimum state, helping to distribute relevant minerals required for healing.

MEDICATIONS & TREATMENTS  By rebalancing the dog’s system back to its natural resonant state, noticeable advantages to using StreamZ over traditional treatments have been reported. Over three quarters of the study group reported greater results after 30 days of use versus previously administered treatments and medications. StreamZ was not developed to replace prescribed medicines and as such we advise users to seek medical advice if they are unsure.

ENERGY LEVELS  DOG StreamZ provide a low cost and natural process to a variety of symptoms associated with canine health care. Noticeable improvements in the dog’s energy levels and general happiness have been reported within a few hours of use. This quick response has shown to support an improvement in focus, promote a healthier coat and retrieve that canine zest for life!

Testimonials from some very happy Dog StreamZ customers.

June Powell – August 10, 2015:   We have seen an unbelievable difference in our 12 year old terrier since wearing her DOG StreamZ collar for 10 days, after being sore to touch; she had become less mobile and very miserable even on painkillers.  Since wearing the StreamZ smart collar she is now VERY active, tail up and hasn’t stumbled up the stairs! Generally a different dog. We are over the moon so thank you StreamZ!

Andrew Stanyard – Beano (Border Collie) – age 6 – August 14, 2015:  After seeing results with other products in the StreamZ range we were delighted to let Beano have a go with their new dog collar. All we can say is Wow! Over the past few months he started to show stiffness in his rear hind, which seemed to effect his whole demeanour. After 2 days wearing the collar he was simply back to his best, no stiffness and visibly happier. We had tried various medications but nothing compared to StreamZ. An amazing invention and massive thanks from Beano!

Sophie Bailey (verified owner) – August 17, 2015:  We recently purchased one of the DOG StreamZ smart-collars for our 11 (almost 12) year old labrador. Whilst he is in very good health and pretty fit for his age and size, he had torn a muscle in his front leg a few months ago and so had been left with a slight weakness in that leg. This meant that every time he over did it or played a little too enthusiastically he would end up limping again. We tried the collar for him thinking perhaps it would help a little but remained a little sceptical to be honest.  We were totally shocked by the results, the improvement in his leg has been remarkable and he has not limped once even after running around a lot! His energy levels have also significantly increased and he just seems happier and brighter in general. For anyone that is considering purchasing this product my advice would be do it as you will not believe the difference until you see it with your own dog. Highly recommend this 5* product!!

Now for the Technology bit and how Dog StreamZ works.

StreamZ Global products contain a mixture of natural rubbers and compounds known as ‘StreamZ Technology’.  StreamZ products are unique and differ greatly from more traditionally used products such as ‘magnetic pulsing devices’ and ‘hologram ion balancers.’

Traditional magnetic products are said to create a ‘pulsating’ effect within the muscle tissue. This pulsating action is thought to release tension in the muscle resulting in a reduction in inflammation. Many health issues however are not caused by muscle damage, which might perhaps explain the mixed reputation these more traditional products have within the market.

Magnets have long been recognised as having health benefits on people and animals. A multitude of magnetic health-related products are available, frequently presented within devices such as rings or bracelets. Most of these products, if not all, target specific areas of the body by using standard magnets with a single polarity field (north pole and south pole). A pulsating effect is created, increasing the electrical conductivity of the blood and increasing the amount of ions (atoms that carry a charge of electricity).

StreamZ bands, although containing a magnetic field, do not create this pulsating effect, but instead introduce a new technique in magnetic therapy – magnetic resonance technology.

StreamZ bands contain a patented 360° layer of StreamZ smart-material containing five separate multidirectional low-frequency polarity fields (north, south, north, south, north). Unlike traditional magnets, StreamZ products do not work by the magnetic fields penetrating directly into the body. Instead they create a unique spiraling motion by streaming the fields of polarity horizontally through the smart-material. This spiralling motion is referred to as a ‘Cyclotron Effect’ and leads to a significant increase in the impact of the magnetic fields on the body.

DEFINITION OF A CYCLOTRON: In a Cyclotron, a modest electric field can accelerate a moving ion into enormous energy levels by a gradual resonant build up. This is caused by energy from a weak field pulsating in harmony with the resonant frequency of ion motion in a ‘steady state’ magnetic field.

For both humans and animals, that ‘steady state’ is the Earth’s low frequency magnetic field (7.83Hz). The ions in motion are the chemical ions found in fluids and minerals within the cells of the body (copper, iron, magnesium, etc.). Various high-frequency man-made substances (such as power cables, TVs, mobile phones) and natural substances (such as radon in rocks, the sun, and water) alter the natural resonant state within the living body ̶ this affects the distribution of ions and minerals within the living system. In effect the body does not operate at its most effective state.

As we move through the 21st century, environmental exposure to man-made high frequency electromagnetic fields has been steadily increasing as growing electricity demand, ever-advancing technologies and changes in social behaviour have created more and more artificial sources.

At a cellular level, human cells resonate either in healthy vibrational states or they exist in varying forms of disharmonious (unnatural) states of oscillation. For example, cells in ‘pain’ will resonate in a disharmonious or less-than-ideal manner. These same cells, if exposed to their low frequency natural state, will once again vibrate in healthier modes and at their optimum state.

The spiralling effect created by StreamZ smart-material interacts with the individual frequencies of the minerals and ions in the living system. This process is known as bio-magnetic rebalancing and works by speeding the charged particles up to a very high energy level and naturally arranging them into an organised spiralling motion.

Pop into Scampers and see the Dog StreamZ smart collar, speak to one of our Pet Care Advisors who have been advised on how Dog StreamZ can help your dogs.  

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WARNING: Not to be used by any dog diagnosed with a heart condition.

It is advisable to have a collar which is slightly larger than one that is too small – a 360º loop is vital in ensuring the optimum result. It is also worth stressing that the medium collars are 4.5cm wide and can be seen as “chunky” on some stockier breeds.