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Dog StreamZ Silicone Collar

Dog StreamZ Silicone Collar

360o  Magnetic Pain Relief and Recovery

DOG StreamZ silicone bands ® introduce a new technique in how magnetism is deployed – ‘360º resonance technology’ – Magnetic therapy for dogs, with a difference!

StreamZ does not pulse, it spins! This unique process prevents an increase in temperature allowing the silicone band to be worn by your dog immediately after exercise and all day, every day.

Ideal after exercise, when recovering from an injury and for general wellbeing. Many users report using the bands as part of the dog’s pain management routine and to aid their everyday recovery process.

Traditional magnets have been used in magnetic dog products for many years to treat a variety of symptoms, mainly dog arthritis. StreamZ revolutionary approach to magnetism introduces a unique silicone material which itself becomes magnetised within our manufacturing process. Magnetism, but with a difference. 

The silicone design fits snuggly against the dog’s neck and is recommended to be worn for a minimum of 8hrs per day, ideally when they’re sleeping! The silicone band does not contain a ‘breakaway clasp’.

Each pack contains one fully adjustable band (up to 55cm, neck circumference). Wrap the band around the neck and attach by looping through the buckle, leaving enough of a gap to push your little finger between the band and the dog’s skin. Cut any excess material off for the perfect fit. A continuous layer of StreamZ material then ‘gets to work’!

Our now sadly departed dog Norman, a 40kg plus Beauceron, at twelve years old had been diagnosed with Spondylosis in his spine. We had been using, and continued to do so, a range of joint care supplements including Diet Dog senior mobility and Diet Dog joints and bones along with Yumove.

We also had Norman treated on a regular basis with acupuncture which we believe with the supplementation, really helped him in his last years. Once we saw the StreamZ and learnt that it could really benefit Norman and also help to accelerate the absorption of the supplements, we decided to give it a go. 

All I can say is that we were delighted that, after just one week, we actually saw a small improvement in Normans general energy level and a visual easing of his movement. We realise that there is no miracle cure for the problems that dogs with arthritis physically carry, but when we see small improvements, these are like miracles to us and this is why we are recommending this product to all our customers dogs, especially to the old guys who need every little bit of help we can give them Piers Smart, MD Scampers

The DOG StreamZ smart collar provides a unique approach to canine wellbeing, using a patented design based on resonance technology. Developed to cater for all breeds and available in three standard sizes, the design is based on the eye-catching StreamZ Global range.

DOG StreamZ, with you every step of the way.  Natural pain relief and vitality for you and your dog.  Yes, we also have the YOUStreamZ in stock at Scampers.

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WARNING: Not to be used by any dog diagnosed with a heart condition.