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Dinner for Cats by Nutriment

Dinner for Cats by Nutriment

Feed to thrive, feed raw for your cats.

Lest we ever forget, cats were hunting and scavenging long before over-processed kibbles came to market.  That’s why our number one recommendation for cats is raw food.

Raw, unlike their cooked or over-processed rivals, provides extra nutritious goodness, enhanced vitality and stamina and a natural shield against all manner of unfortunate afflictions ranging from: runny stools, bad breath, inflamed gums, discoloured teeth, itchy skin and lacklustre coats. As many of us have long suspected, nature tends to always know best!

Cats, as we’ve long suspected are devilishly single-minded when it comes to choosing what they will and will not eat. Cats don’t do insipid, wishy-washy flavours, which is why our recipes are brimming with engaging flavours, textures and aromas.

Dinner for Cats are tasty new and complete raw food recipes in handy 175g packs, allowing for easier portion control and freshness.

Available in a range of flavours including Chicken, Salmon, Beef, Venison & Duck and Rabbit with Turkey.

Benefits of feeding raw to your carnivore cat

  • Better overall health
  • Better digestion and less digestive upsets such as colitis
  • Fresher breath
  • Less tartar and cleaner teeth
  • More stamina
  • No itchiness
  • Food enjoyment

Pop into Scampers and speak to a pet care advisor about advanced healthy raw nutrition for your cats.

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