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Different Dog Bone Broth

Different Dog Bone Broth

Bone Broth, the liquid treat ‘with benefits’. Perfect for both dogs and cats.

Bone Broth is a complementary nourishing drink that can be served as a tasty nutrition boost, to moisten food or as a liquid treat with benefits.

Bone Broth is full of nutrients and so ideal for dogs or cats that are a little under the weather, but also perfect to entice picky eaters and for all our pets looking to stay in tip-top health.

How is Different Dog Bone Broth made?

Cooked in house the old-fashioned way, Different Dog use only grass-Fed Lamb.  Bone Broth is made by slowly simmering natural bones, pre-soaked in cider vinegar, to help draw the minerals out of the bones, together with carrots and parsley making a tasty, nutrient-rich stock.  

Just like all their foods, Different Dog’s Bone Broth is cooked in small batches with 100% human grade, natural ingredients in their Shropshire kitchen.  

Bone Broth can be served as a tasty nutrition boost to moisten food or as a liquid treat with benefits.  When your pets’ taste Different Dogs Bone Broth they’re sure to be bowled over!

What’s bone broth good for?

  • joint health
  • dogs and cats who refuse to drink
  • sick dogs and cats
  • nursing dogs and cats
  • helps the liver detox
  • promotes a healthy tummy
  • picky eaters

Not only does bone broth contain super amazing amounts of glucosamine, it’s also packed with other joint protecting multi-minerals like chondroitin and hyaluronic acid.  Bone Broth is a great way for you to offer extra nourishment in sick, picky or senior pets and it’s really really palatable too.

Pop in store to see our full range of Different Dog and of course keep an eye out for their seasonal recipes’ we keep adding to our freezer.

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