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Dieting Dogs

Dieting Dogs

Our motto at Scampers is that you should ‘feed the dog, not the bowl’. If you are giving your pets a treat, that’s exactly what it should be: a treat. So to balance that out, you need to take away some of their normal food allocation (this still applies when the treats are healthy and natural). It’s also important to check calories on dog treats, just like many of us are so used to doing with our own food – you’ll probably be shocked by quite how calorific some pet treats are (even from leading brands). Equally important is checking the ingredients – try to steer clear of high levels of cereals, derivatives, colourants, artificial preservatives and sugar.

Also, rather than feeding your pets a standard amount out of habit, or blindly following manufacturer’s guidelines, adjust their intake based on how they look, activity levels and their age, and weigh them on a regular basis. If you’re confused or need extra advice, it’s definitely worth speaking to one of our pet care advisors before choosing foods.

An overweight dog can have dry skin, bad breath, poor digestion, stiff achy joints, a dull coat and get tired easily, as well as being constantly at the vets for other related ailments. Just as with humans, animals gain weight when they eat more calories than they burn, so an appropriate amount of exercise is key. If your dog has had more exercise than usual, take that into consideration when deciding how much to feed him.

You should be able to feel and count every rib down to the tail, and see your dog's waist from above. If you live in a multi-person household, a good tip is the biscuit tin method: measure food out at the beginning of every day into a biscuit tin , and then allow people to know where they can get the food from. This means everyone can feed the dog treats all day but it does not get overfed, resulting in happy humans and happy, healthy dogs.  We've found that dogs being fed a high meat, low carb (ideally raw) diet rarely become overweight and are overall much healthier.

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