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Diet Dog Joints and Bones

Diet Dog Joints and Bones

"Joints & Bones contains a combination of herbal ingredients together with Chondroitin, Glucosamine, MSM and Marine collagen that help prevent the breakdown of cartilage in joints, stimulate the production of new cartilage, so preserving joint integrity, decrease inflammation and prevent inflammatory-induced destructive processes from occurring (such as the arthritis seen in Hip Dysplasia)." Richard Allport, holistic vet.

How it works.  Joint & Bones is an ideal natural way to help pets with joints, cartilage, ligaments or bone structure issues such as hip dysplasia, pets recovering from injury or surgery or dogs whose joints and bone are under pressure from their daily routine (working dogs, competitions, agility).

Joint & Bones is a unique combination of human grade ingredients to help treat the symptoms of these ailments and to help pets bounce back and remain active. The combination of :

  • marine based chondroitin (providing cartilage with elasticity and promoting the formation of articular cartilage) and its common partner agent, marine based glucosamine sulphate (which plays an important role in slowing down the breakdown of cartilage in joints);
  • marine collagen (a complex structural protein to help maintain healthy joint tissues); 
  • MSM (the building blocks provider for protein, vital for tendon and ligament health. Its proteins are a key component in cartilage formation and can aid muscle recovery and promote circulation);
  • manganese, a trace mineral needed for healthy bones. It helps the body to manufacture enzymes necessary for the growth, repair and development of cartilage tissues.
  • oyster shell and dandelion (rich in calcium);hawthorn (promotes circulation and helps get rid of toxins in the joints); and
  • harpagophytum, horsetail, blackcurrant and meadowsweet with their anti-inflammatory properties to relieve pain and promote mobility.

Helps slow down the breakdown of joint cartilage of pets, promote the production of new cartilage preserving joint integrity, soothe stiff joints and improve joint comfort.  The ingredients work synergistically to support healthy joint structure and function, soothe aching joints, promote connective tissue and the immune system.

Suitable for dogs and cats from 3 months of age.

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