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Denes Milk Thistle+ Powder

Denes Milk Thistle+ Powder

A traditional herbal food supplement formulated to help support the liver.  Contains milk thistle and dandelion, both well known liver herbs.

We recently started using Denes milk thistle+powder, as recommended by our vet, on one of our own dogs as they were diagnosed with an auto-immune disease.  We are currently on a strong dose of steroids which can damage the liver if we don't act to protect the liver. 

So if you have pets on long term medications or short strong doses, milk thistle+powder will help protect their liver.  

The management of liver problems.

Fortunately, the liver is able to repair itself and in many instances, with the correct treatment and dietary management, there is a good prognosis. Treatment varies with the nature of the problem but usually involves reducing the stress and workload on the liver to give it a chance to recover. Poisons and other damaging substances, including some drugs, should be eliminated if possible.

Herbal remedies in the treatment of liver problems

Herbal medicines have always played a traditional role in the treatment of liver problems. Two of the most prominent herbs are:

Dandelion (taraxacum officinale) this has long been one of the most useful herbs, stimulating liver function, increasing the flow of bile, helping relieve jaundice, increasing appetite and cleansing the body of toxins.

Milk thistle seeds (silybum marianum/carduus marianus) this is a prominent liver herb with good background research supporting its benefits to the liver. It stimulates liver function, helps protect the cells of the liver from damage, helps repair damaged liver cells and promotes the flow of bile. It will also help improve and regulate the digestion and help the body to eliminate toxins.

Suitable for both dogs and cats.

Cats - 0.5 level scoop once daily

Small dogs - 0.5 level scoop once daily 

Medium dogs - 0.5 level scoop twice daily

Large dogs - 1 level scoop twice daily

Very large dogs - 1.5 level scoops twice daily

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