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Canagan Light, Senior, Sterilised for Cats!

Canagan Light, Senior, Sterilised for Cats!

Canagan Light for overweight, senior and sterilised cats is the defining statement in grain free nutrition.

With even higher levels of super digestible protein delivered by an unprecedented selection of delicious natural ingredients.  Packed full of natural ingredients, including prebiotics and botanicals to support digestion, this recipe is the perfect choice for older, overweight or sterilised cats and is available in both wet and dry varieties!  

Only wholesome ingredients used.

  • FRESHLY PREPARED FREE-RUN CHICKEN  Chicken is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, phosphorous and selenium which is good for the immune system.
  • SWEET POTATO  A highly digestible premium source of slow-release energy, rich in anti-oxidants and a great source of soluble fibre.
  • SEAWEED  Provides a natural and valuable source of minerals which contain iodine to support thyroid function and control metabolism.
  • MARIGOLD, CRANBERRY AND CAMOMILE  Marigold stimulates white blood cell production and strengthens the immune system. Cranberry is rich in Vitamin C and helps promote a healthy urinary tract. Camomile is thought to reduce stress.

Canagan’s freshly prepared chicken is produced to an equivalent human food standard and are perfectly complimented with vegetables and botanicals. Let your cat show you…. this is the ultimate taste experience.

Thinking of changing your cat’s food?

When feeding Canagan for the first time we suggest you introduce gradually over a week. On day one mix 25% Canagan with 75% of the previous food, on day three make it 50% of each, day five is 75% Canagan, working up to 100% Canagan on day seven.

Each cat is unique and the optimal feeding amounts vary significantly depending on factors such as age, activity, metabolism and environment. As a starting point we would suggest you begin at the lower end of our guide and adjust accordingly.

If the cat looks overweight, reduce food intake by 10% If the cat looks underweight increase food intake by 10%.  Continue until the correct weight is achieved.  

If you are unsure, please pop into Scampers and speak to a Pet Care Advisor who will happily guide you.

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