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Canagan Dog Food

Canagan Dog Food

We are stockists of the exceptionally high quality, British made dog and cat foods from Canagan. The feeding trials have proved just how good this dog food is and it is already proving to be one of our most popular diets at Scampers Natural Pet Store.

Symply’s senior management has been responsible for providing excellent dog and cat foods for more than twenty years. To fully understand the grain free market they travelled to America visiting  pet stores, manufacturing plants and one of the world’s biggest trade shows gathering a wealth of knowledge in this field.
As a result of these findings Symply Pet Foods Ltd has developed a stunning, British made grain free dog food. Grain free diets are fed extensively in the USA and this healthier trend is now spreading to the UK. Symply looked at the reasons that are driving this change and found that more and more dog owners are looking for a food that is closer to a dog’s ancestral diet.

Throughout the ages, man and dog have evolved side by side, living and hunting together, protecting each other in a unique alliance. Canagan - from an ancient Celtic word for wolf - was created to honour this bond.   All dogs are the direct descendants of grey wolves domesticated by our ancient forefathers, and their dietary needs have remained virtually unchanged to this day. 

Canagan provides your companions with a host of biologically appropriate nutrients – in an ideal ratio of animal protein to vegetable, plus beneficial botanicals. Each ingredient specially selected to deliver optimum nutrition, digestibility and flavour, with none of the negative issues many people associate with high carbohydrate, grain packed diets.

Your dogs will be rewarded with improved energy and health, with Canagan they can truly achieve peak condition.

In addition, the most amazing thing with Canagan is the way they love to eat it!

Just watch as dogs, who have shied away from normal super premium foods, really enjoy the wonderful taste.  

The Canagan range is available in 8 tantalising varieties:

  • Canagan Free-Run Small Breed
  • Canagan Free-Run Chicken
  • Canagan Scottish Salmon
  • Canagan Country Game
  • Canagan Country Game Small Breed
  • Canagan Free-Run Chicken Light/Senior
  • Canagan Free-Run Chicken Large Breed
  • Canagan Grass-Fed Lamb

The benefits to your dog feeding Canagan;

  • Closer to their ancestral diet
  • Grain Free
  • High Meat Content
  • Over 60% Nutritious Animal Ingredients
  • Contains sweet potato, more digestible than grains with a low GI (Glycaemic Index) for a slower release of energy
  • Highly palatable – dogs absolutely love the taste!
  • Free of artificial colourings and flavourings
  • Preserved naturally
  • Free of dairy, genetically modified ingredients and growth hormones
  • Is proudly made in Great Britain
  • Contains a host of botanicals with a wide range of therapeutic properties

Also don't forget to check out their fantastic range of tinned foods!

Canagan – Brought to you by Symply Pet Foods Ltd

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