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Canagan Cat - the food of their ancestors

Canagan Cat - the food of their ancestors

The cat has had a long and complex relationship with humankind stretching back 9000 years. Before Egyptian times, they were given as gifts to Emperors and only later were the nobility and commoners allowed to own them as a sign of the special status they held.

Cats being obligate carnivores mean they must eat meat to survive yet many pet foods are packed with carbohydrates such as corn, wheat and other cereals which provide virtually nothing in the way of nutrition to a cat.

Canagan is different. It provides your companion with the highest levels of nutritious animal ingredients each specially selected to deliver optimum levels of nutrition, digestibility and flavour, mimicking their ancestral diet.

Your cats will be rewarded with improved energy and health combined with levels of taste they may never have savoured before.

Canagan Cat – the food of their ancestors. Canagan is available in three delicious flavours for your fussy felines. Canagan Cat Free Run Chicken - Grain Free 70/30,  Canagan Cat Scottish Salmon – Grain Free 75/25 and Canagan Country Game - Grain Free 75/25.

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