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Bubble Dog & Bubble Cat

Bubble Dog & Bubble Cat

Bubble Dog & Bubble Cat have re-invented playtime! They have created a range of bubble guns & accessories that will transform the way you play and interact with your dog and cat forever.

Bubble Dog & Cat creates unique, interactive play time for you and your pets. Bubble Dog & Cat bubbles require full interaction from you, the owner, meaning play time becomes much more personal and one to one. 

We believe with this kind of play time it helps to form a bonding relationship with you and your four legged friends. Anyway, tennis balls are over-rated, challenge your dog or cats with bubbles, they’re designed to be popped!

The dog bubbles are peanut butter scented and the cat bubbles are vanilla cream scented - yummy!   Available in a range of bubble sizes, electronic or manual.  Refills are available. 

Bubble Dog & Bubble cat bubbles are super strong and super colourful.  They have worked really hard to create a non-toxic formulation that is safe for pets & humans, we wouldn’t stock them otherwise.  The ‘bubble’ bit it made with a unique toothpaste formula. 

Pop into Scampers to see our range of Bubble Dog and Bubble Cat and start having some fun!  

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