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Boomer Balls

Boomer Balls

Too many toys just can't take the strain! The Boomer Ball is virtually indestructible and designed for those larger-than-life characters who love to chase and conquer - typically Bull Terriers and other 'macho' breeds. It is designed not to be picked up by the dog, so should be a size bigger than the dog can carry.

It can also be used as a therapeutic toy to enrich the environment of elephants, pigs, polar bears or any other bored, inquisitive animal.

The Boomer Ball is intended for soccer-style play, to encourage healthful exercise as an alternative to destructive chewing, pacing, and other undesirable behaviours plus animal enrichment. The ball has a rigid sidewall which is resistant, but not impervious, to chewing and scratching. The roughened surface on a used ball may be smoothed with a carpenter's rasp, file, or rough sandpaper.

The boomer ball is hollow. 

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