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Betty Miller

Betty Miller

Natural dog treats, and baked in UK. 

We would like to introduce you to Betty Miller’s dog treats.  Did you know that Betty’s dog treats are 100% natural and free from added sugar, artificial flavours and colourings?  What's more, Betty’s treats are baked in large ovens at their pet bakery in Northamptonshire.

Betty believes that oven baking is best as it retains all the natural flavours. Dogs can smell the difference as soon as you open the packet!

Oven Baking
Betty Miller is one of the few UK pet food bakeries that actually bake dog treats in an oven. Her process is simple; she mixes natural ingredients together into a dough, cut it into shapes, and then bakes at a low temperature for 15-20 minutes and leave to cool.

This slower, gentler way of cooking retains more of the natural goodness, taste and aromas of the nutritious and delicious natural ingredients. Nothing artificial needs to be added. Your dog will be able to smell and taste the actual ingredients within the product.

We all know that good tasting food starts with good quality ingredients.
By slowly oven baking our ingredients, we can maximise taste for your dog without the need to add taste enhancers, flavours or preservatives.

Betty Miller's big biscuits are delicious, naturally baked treats for dogs. They are baked using simple, wholesome, natural ingredients in the same way you would do if you were making them at home!  Available in the range are Liver, Cheese and scrummy Chocolate (3 to a pack).

Betty’s Gluten Free the mini bone range. No soya, wheat, eggs, dairy, pork or beet pulp. No artificial colours, no added preservatives, no added sugar

Whiffy Dog treats have been formulated with peppermint and charcoal to help reduce bad breath and wind. You can now reward that whiffy dog knowing that the ingredients in this recipe will help make your life smell a little better.

Chubby Dog Treats are baked using a special recipe that is formulated to be lower in calories than normal dog treats. Now you can reward your chubby dogs with a great tasting treat!

Good Dog.  Two great tastes in one bag: liver and carob (dog friendly chocolate). Reward your dog for good behaviour with Tasty Treats for Good Dogs. Dogs just love them!

Betty Miller's Fantail rustic biscuits made with wholemeal flour & plenty of taste. Delicious baked biscuits for your dog!  No artificial colours, no added preservatives, no added sugar.  Available in the range are, Chees, Chicken and Charcoal.

You will find the new range of Betty Miller in our ‘natural’ treat section in store at Scampers.

Scampers Natural Pet Store is located on the A142 Soham By Pass, between Ely and Newmarket and only 15 miles from Cambridge.

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