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Bamboo Grooming Range

Bamboo Grooming Range

Great & Small BAMBOO - For professional results at home.  

Great & Small's finest quality Bamboo range has been specifically designed to be friendly to the environment and keep your pet look fabulous. Bamboo is 100% natural renewable & sustainable resource and for each bamboo crop that is used, an equal amount is replanted, cutting down on harmful CO2 production.

Bamboo also provides a more durable, stronger and lighter handle to enhance the grooming experience between you and your pet. Regular grooming will boost circulation and stimulate natural oils, promoting healthy looking skin and a glossy, shiny coat.

MASSAGE BRUSH - Ideally used for longhaired dogs with a course coat. The individual bristles on the brush will allow you to gently remove any knots and tangles without and need for tugging.

PIN BRUSH - Excellent for general grooming as it gently removes loose hair, dust and dirt. The pins gently detangle minor knots and help in the distribution of natural oils.

SOFT BRUSH - Suitable for all types of coat, the gentle bristles help to remove dust, dirt and dead skin. Soft bristles ensure your pets coat is shiny and smooth by stimulating and distributing natural oils.

DETANGLING COMB - Routine use of a detangling comb allows you to gently remove minor knots and tangles. The comb works most effectively on long and coarse coats.

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