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Alpha Spirit Complete Natural Dog Food

Alpha Spirit Complete Natural Dog Food

At Scampers we are constantly looking for the “next best thing” in natural pet food to add to our fabulous ranges of independent dog and cat food manufacturers. We visit shows all over the world, trawl the internet, subscribe to newsletters and blogs and talk to other “pet foodies” to keep ourselves at the forefront of natural nutrition. 

Here is something new which we think many of our customers dogs will love!

Alpha Spirit semi moist dog food

Alpha Spirit have a very clear mission to create pet foods using locally reared and locally grown ingredients all of which are suitable for human consumption.  

Alpha Spirit have been manufacturing animal foods since 1920 but have been focused on producing high quality pet foods and treats for the last twenty years.

They have developed TENDERIZE TECHNOLOGY – A very novel process of manufacturing that helps them create a fantastic semi moist pet food and highly palatable snacks and treats.  

Multi Protein Formula is a unique dog food containing both fish and a variety of meats, developed to enrich the nutritional balance of multi protein sources, multiple amino acid profiles supporting many essential functions; therefore is ideal for maintaining the condition and wellness of dogs.

Only Fish Complete dog food formula is unique; with a rich and healthy nutritional balance of fatty acids that comes naturally from the fresh fish. The protein from fresh fish is easily digested and assimilated, making it ideal and suitable for all dogs; even more if your dog should suffer from allergy problems, which could be caused by other meats.

This fish meat also contains less and healthier fat, a fact that it is derived in the final product and therefore is ideal for maintaining wellness of the animal. Its short composition gives your dog essential multi vitamins and minerals naturally.

Tenderize Technology means all the sources of protein are pre-digested and the proteins are assimilated easily. Multi-Protein formula provides your dog with a broad nutritional base and lots of variety and also helps to make Alpha Spirit one of the most palatable dog foods available today.

Hypoallergenic, meat meal FREE, dehydrated materials FREE, gluten FREE, grain FREE. All this means that their products should not cause allergies in dogs. “part of the secret is what it does NOT have!” 

Alpha Spirit products are all biologically correct, have excellent palatability and all products are made and prepared using only its own juices.

100% Natural as all the raw materials are suitable for human consumption. They produce and manufacture all products using high quality meats. Fully controlled traceability of the ingredients, have proof of provenance, which they are proud to share with their customers.

Alpha Spirit foods are rich in Omega 3 and 6, helping to prevent tartar formation by not having cereal in its composition and have many other health benefits for your dog.

For more information about the excellent ranges of Alpha Spirit dog foods, treats and bones pop in and speak to a Scampers Petcare Advisor and ask for a sample.

Scampers Natural Pet Store is located on the A142 Soham By Pass, between Ely and Newmarket and only 15 miles from Cambridge.

Scampers, Your Pet’s Natural Choice.