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All for Paws

All for Paws

All For Paws plush dog toys are available at Scampers. These life-like toys will bring out your dog’s natural hunting instinct.

All For Paws plush also have a squeaker for additional interactive entertainment. Stuffed with polyfil made from recycled bottles, these toys are also environmentally conscious. 

Also in the range is the All for Paws “Hunters”, an amazing, patent pending, dog toy that enhances the natural retrieving instincts of the dog. 

Made to look and feel like real-life game fowl, the All for Paws
“Hunters” are specially designed with a plush-coated bite proof EVA
foam body that not only acts as a floatation device, preventing the Hunter
from sinking, but is also soft to the touch and resembles wild game birds in
both feel and appearance. The head and feet are TRP Rubber, the strongestrubber that can be made with the colour and detail of a real bird, providing a life-like alternative for the dog to chase and retrieve.

Pop into Scampers to see our great range of All For Paws toys.

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