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Adaptil (Dog Appeasing Pheromone)

Adaptil (Dog Appeasing Pheromone)

In mammals, all lactating females release a substance which science calls an "appeasing" pheromone. The function of this pheromone is to provide a feeling of comfort, safety and reassurance to the young.  A dogs "appeasing" pheromones are secreted by the bitch 3 to 5 days after the puppies birth.  Research has shown that these reassuring properties persist even into the adult stage

The environment we live in today is full of noises and smells that can be disturbing to some dogs who share our homes. It is now appreciated that anxiety is a real and debilitating condition for our dogs as well as for us. One of the most fascinating and ground-breaking developments to materialise against the stress and phobias experienced by our dogs is the identification and use of pheromone therapy.

Tests and trials* have been going on to assess the products value in the treatment of stressed and anxious dogs, and these have shown that by releasing this familiar signal to the dog, the Adaptil Diffuser can be very effective in many areas of dog behaviour therapy by making it feel less anxious, calmer and safer. These include destructiveness, vocalisation and house soiling brought on by stress, nervousness or anxiousness.

All products hellp prevent or reduce fear related reactions expressed as: destruction, inappropriate toileting, vocalisation (whimpering, whining), salivation, vomiting, panting, travelling in the car, adjusting to a new environment (new home, strangers, shelters), visiting the vet, hospitalisation and so much more.  Adaptil Collars are ideal for all of you bringing new puppies into your home.

Scampers carry the full range of Adaptil products including the Adaptil Spray, Adaptil Diffuser, Adaptil Tablets and Adaptil Collar.  Adaptil helps reassure dogs in an unknown environment or stressful environment.

To find out more about Adaptil, pop into Scampers and speak to one of our Pet Care Advisors to help your dog be a happy dog.  Scampers, promoting behaviour wellness for your pets.

* DogsTrust will now be using Adaptil collars on all dogs entering their centres.