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Acana Ranchlands

Acana Ranchlands

Reflecting Alberta's ranching heritage, Acana Ranchlands is loaded with local red meats, including Angus beef, lamb and bison all free-range and delivered fresh each day to nourish your dog completely. Rich in meat proteins and grain-free to reduce unwanted carbohydrates, Acana Ranchlands features fresh fruits and vegetables including Burbank potatoes, pumpkin, Red Delicious apples and spinach greens that provide your dog a rich source of phytonutrients.

Made with a full 70% of nourishing red meats and fish, Acana Ranchlands matches your dog's evolutionary adaptation to a meat & protein rich diet. Acana's rich variety of fresh, local meats mirrors the diversity and freshness Nature evolved your dog to eat. Prepared in our award-winning kitchens from Canada's best and freshest ingredients, Acana Ranchlands is a delicious way to keep your dog happy and strong – guaranteed!


That's why they formulate Acnana with the same variety of fresh meats that dogs would eat in their natural environment - keeping in mind the modern lifestyle of today's companion pet often means a reduced calorie requirement.

Meat-concentrated diets are higher in protein, lower in carbohydrate are far better matched to support the carnivorous anatomy of our companion dogs. And by enhancing metabolism and enabling peak physical condition, Acana helps dogs from all walks of life achieve their full potential.

ACANA Five Natural Principles

  • Ingredient freshness and variety to match the dogs natural diet
  • High in animal proteins
  • Grain Free and low in carbohydrates
  • Rich in fruit and vegetables
  • Tonic herbs to strengthen the body and spirit

Pop into Scampers and speak to one of our Pet Care Advisors about feeding your dog Acana. 

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