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Acana Grass Fed Lamb Natural Dog Food

Acana Grass Fed Lamb Natural Dog Food

All dogs evolved as carnivores and Biologically Appropriate foods mimic the foods Mother Nature intended them to eat!

That’s why Acana Grass Fed Lamb is loaded with 50% lamb, to nourish your dog according to his biological adaptation to a meat and protein rich diet.

Ranch raised on New Zealand’s North Island, our lamb arrives in Whole Prey ratios including richly nourishing raw meats, organs and cartilage — all of which deliver essential nutrients naturally, virtually eliminating the need for synthetic ingredients in our foods.

Infusions of freeze-dried lamb liver increase palatability dramatically and naturally — perfect for fussy dogs and dog lovers alike.

*All lamb ingredients are produced exclusively from lamb passed fit for human consumption. Acana’s lamb ingredients are produced exclusively from lambs that are passed fit for human consumption.

Acana Grass Fed Lamb is bursting with a full 50% of healthful fruits and vegetables, including Red Delicious Apples,  all delivered fresh (never frozen, no preservatives) from our rich prairie soils and the sun-drenched Okanagan valleys.

Organic sea vegetables and digestive botanicals - grown specifically for ACANA in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley - including chicory root, which nourishes and tones your dog’s digestive tract.

To perfectly and naturally meet the dietary needs of dogs, Acana Singles feature richly nourishing meats, organs and cartilage (from Single Animal Source) which provide nutrients naturally, eliminating all synthetic ingredients except zinc.

Meat: abundant source of essential amino acids, so synthetics aren’t needed.

Organs: rich in all essential vitamins, so synthetic vitamins are not needed.

Bone & Cartilage: A rich natural source of minerals (only zinc is added)

Acana Singles feature freeze-dried liver infusions (prepared in our own freeze-dry kitchens of course) which dramatically and naturally increases palatability, making Acana Singles the perfect choice for fussy eaters.

Made exclusively in the award-winning factory, Champion Petfoods, in Alberta, Canada, Acana Grass Fed Lamb is guaranteed to keep even the most sensitive dog happy, healthy and strong.

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