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Acana Adult, biologically appropriate dog food

Acana Adult,  biologically appropriate dog food

Dogs are hunters. The structure of their teeth, jaws and digestive system scientifically classifies them as carnivores evolved to operate on a meat-based diet.

Biologically Appropriate Acana Adult Dog represents a new class of food that mirror the high and various inclusions of fresh, whole meats that dogs would encounter in their natural environment – meats they are naturally evolved to eat.  Yet witness today’s “holistic” or “natural” foods that contain little meat or meat protein, are high in inappropriate carbohydrates and contain few, if any, fresh ingredients.  Are you feeding a 'species-inappropriate' diet of dry food and was not aware?

Acana Adult Dog - Made with three fresh proteins.

Higher in protein and lower in carbohydrate to better match the natural diet of dogs, Acana Adult dog is bursting with premium meat ingredients (50%) including free-run chicken and whole eggs from local prairie farms, and pacific salmon from Vancouver’s cold pacific waters - world-class human-grade ingredients that are delivered fresh everyday, so they are never frozen and use no preservatives.

Free of wheat, rice, rye, corn and gluten ingredients that are often associated with digestive disorders – Acana Adult instead features regional fruits, vegetables and steamed Alberta oats – healthy carbohydrates that are low in simple sugars found in rice and corn and that often lead to inappropriate weight gain in dogs.

Acana’s animal ingredients are ethoxyquin free and made exclusively from animals of Canadian origin that are fit for human consumption.  NO corn, NO Rice, wheat or gluten, NO inappropriate palm or coconut oils, NO animal by products (derivatives), NO hormone enhanced meat, NO artificial flavours or preservative and NO genetically modified ingredients.

Acana is a biologically appropriate naturally delicious way to keep your adult dog healthy, happy and strong.

To find out much more about feeding "The Biologically Appropriate Food Concept and the Dietary Needs of Dogs and Cats" and what makes Champion Pet Foods tick read this fascinating White Paper

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