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Acana, a new class of biologically appropriate dog food

Acana, a new class of biologically appropriate dog food

Acana is produced in Alberta Canada by Champion Petfoods. Unlike the marketing companies and multinationals that sell, but don't actually make, today's pet foods Champion Petfoods is a family-owned and operated pet food producer with a 25 year tradition of quality and a mission that's simple and clear: To produce Biologically Appropriate Pet Foods from Fresh Regional Ingredients. Every Acana product is produced in Champion's own award-winning factory in Alberta; sold in our 50 countries worldwide their foods are certified by the Government of Canada to meet every international pet food standard.

Biologically Appropriate diets have key differences that separate them from conventional pet foods:

  • High-protein from fresh and various meats
  • Low carbohydrate and Grain FREE
  • Fruits and vegetables instead of grain
  • Fats from meat and fish, not plants
  • Health promoting botanicals
  • Balance without excess

Acana Classics
The Acana Classics range consists of Acana Puppy Small Breed, Acana Puppy & Junior, Acana Adult, Acana Adult Small Breed, Acana Adult Large Breed, Acana Light and Acana Senior.

Acana Singles
The Acana Singles range consists of Acana Chicken & Burbank Potato and Acana Lamb & Okanagan Apple.

Acana Regionals
The Acana Regionals range consists of Acana Wild Prairie, Acana Pacifica, Acana Grasslands and Acana Ranchlands for dogs and Acana Wild Prairie, Acana Pacifica and Acana Grasslands for cats.

We now have an Acana Customer Loyalty Card available at Scampers.

To find out much more about feeding "The Biologically Appropriate Food Concept and the Dietary Needs of Dogs and Cats" and what makes Champion Pet Foods tick read this fascinating White Paper

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