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4Fleas, starts killing fleas in 15 minutes

4Fleas, starts killing fleas in 15 minutes

Johnsons 4Fleas...want to know more about this superb range of flea treatments?  Scampers have been selling and recommending this fantastic range of flea treatments since they came onto the UK market and the results on our own and our customers’ pets have been excellent.

So, what are 4Fleas’ tablets? 4Fleas are an oral tablet that rapidly eradicates fleas from cats and dogs and they start to kill fleas in just 15 minutes after administration. The active ingredient (nitenpyram) works by interfering with specific receptors, which affect the central nervous system of the flea causing it paralysis and then death.

At Scampers we train all our team in all our product ranges and we thought we would try and help you decide about using 4Fleas on your pets by putting some extracts of our in store question and answer training sheet for 4Fleas here in our news section.

  • Q. How do I know if 4Fleas tablets are working?  Your pet may scratch more than usual for the first hour after being administered; This is caused by the flea’s reaction to the tablets.
  • Q. Should I see dead fleas?  Yes- as 4Fleas tablets start killing fleas within 15 minutes you see the dead fleas falling off your pet
  • Q. Why are 4Fleas tablets different to other flea treatments?  4Fleas tablets are an oral treatment that starts to kill fleas within 15 minutes and will kill 95% of fleas in 6 hours and 100% in 24 hours. 4 Fleas tablets leave no insecticidal residue on your pet’s coat.
  • Q. How should I use 4Fleas tablets and can I use them in conjunction with other products?   Yes- 4Fleas tablets are an ideal partner to 4Fleas dog and cat flea collars and 4Fleas household spray. We recommend you use 4Fleas household spray to eliminate all the eggs and larvae within your pet’s beds and your carpets and soft furnishings. P.S Don’t forget to spray your vehicle if your pets travel with you.
  • Q. How long do I have to keep giving 4 Fleas tablets?  Whenever fleas are seen on your pet or as a rule of thumb, if a pet has an infestation, 4Fleas tablets should be given once a week for a 6-8 week period and a 4Fleas collar and 4Fleas household spray should be used for the same period.
  • Q. How do you administer them?  4Fleas can be given with or without food and as often as once a day however this should rarely be necessary. There are NO contra-indications for 4Fleas and they are licensed for use on dogs and cats.
  • Q. Are 4Fleas tablets safe to be given to puppies and kittens and/or pregnant and nursing mothers?  Yes they are safe for puppies and kittens over 4 weeks of age and are completely safe for nursing and pregnant mothers. They are also safe for your pets even if they are on other medications including antibiotics, vaccines and wormers.
  • Q. Are 4Fleas tablets safe to use around small children who are playing with your pets?  Yes. Pregnant mums and parents of small children are often concerned about the use of insecticides that can rub off on contact. Because 4Fleas tablets are administered orally there is no residue left on you pets and is the only OTC flea-killing product to do this.

I hope we have answered all of your questions about this great product, however should there be anything we haven’t covered, please ask one of the Scampers Pet Care Advisors in store.

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