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Our story

At Scampers, we’ve been helping pet parents provide the very best environment for their four legged friends since 1985. We knew from the beginning that Scampers was going to be different; we won’t sell animals, choke chains, birdcages or anything else not in the best interests of your pets. This means we only stock products that we have personal experience of using with our own dogs and cats – tested by animals not on animals!

It’s an approach that means we are recognised as the benchmark for innovation and the best specialist pet care you can give your pets. Not just in the UK, but internationally.

We’re so passionate about pets because for us our dogs are like our children and, as any parent knows, their child’s health and wellbeing are paramount. During our career in pet food we have lived with and loved three Rottweilers, a German Shepherd, a Japanese Akita, a Springer Spaniel, a St Bernard, a Basset Hound, four Crossbreeds, a French Bulldog, a Beauceron, five cats and our two current beautiful dogs, Sardine (a rescued, crossbreed French Bulldog) and Rooster (a French Bulldog).

That’s a lot of dogs and cats and a lot of dog food and a lot of cat food!

Our history as pet parents means we know what works and what doesn’t. In 2008 we noticed that many of the big name pet food manufacturers were changing the ingredients in their food, reducing the meat content and cheapening their products. We also began noticing the effects this was having on our own dogs through the condition of their skin and coats and their general lack of wellbeing. When we looked further into what these manufacturers were doing, we didn’t like what we saw.

Our research led directly to the hugely successful 'Where's the Meat' campaign and a review of all the foods we sold - getting rid of any we found to have reduced in quality. Ultimately, in 2010, this lead to us parting ways with the traditional big pet food brands to support smaller more independent producers. It was a risky move, however the results have been nothing short of astonishing, both for us as a business and the health and wellbeing of our own and our customers’ pets.

Fast forward to today and we now have an unrivalled range of natural, high meat content pet food and our business has grown as a result. Embracing a new way of thinking in the interests of pet welfare has been the best thing we’ve ever done. And seeing the results for your pets, our customers, has been especially rewarding. We’ve had the courage to challenge the big manufacturers and move into new areas. Supermarkets and Pet Superstore chains can’t do this. They don’t have the knowledge or expertise and they can’t sell the range of foods we are championing.

We believe Scampers is a one off. Unique. You simply cannot find the level of expertise and passion or range of products anywhere else and you and your pets are always welcome.

Your pets will have a great time in our store and they will love The Tasting Table where they get to try all our best foods and you will even get a doggy bag to take away!

We do what we do because we see the benefit it brings. And, that’s why we’re proud to be the best pet shop in the UK.

Piers and Michelle

Scampers, Your Pet’s Natural Choice.