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Small Pets

Small Pets Sweet things come in small packages
It’s no wonder that many of our little four-legged friends make such great pets. Furry, friendly and fun they can also be highly intelligent and inquisitive. Caring for a small pet is a rewarding experience for children and adults alike – with hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and gerbils all proving popular. And it won’t surprise you to hear most of the Scampers team kept small pets when they were children (and many still do).

Little scamps

But while they can be cute and cuddly it’s also a really good idea to find out which small animal is right for you before bringing one into your home. If you have any questions about which kind of pet suits your lifestyle, or how you and your children should care for your small pets, just ask any of the Scampers team. We’ll give you expert independent advice so you can get the most from having your little lodger living with you.

Our Small Animal department is packed full of all kinds of goodies to improve the homes, health and vitality of your small pets. We carefully select the very best ranges of top quality diets, treats, bedding and accessories available anywhere.

Small is beautiful
Take a look at these top tips on caring for your small animals.
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Verm-X for Rabbits & Small Pets

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