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Thrive Organic Cat Food

Thrive Organic Cat Food

Introducing Thrive’s Organic cat foods.  Thrive Organic cat foods are especially easy to digest because of the high meat content so you feed a lot less.   It’s the difference between a big bowl of cereal and a small fillet steak.

Thrive’s Organic Cat foods are SO different to ‘fishy and meaty style’ brands, that some cats may need time to adjust to the premium quality and natural taste as they may not understand what REAL cat food really tastes like, so we recommend that you switch your cat's food slowly and gradually.

Cats are carnivores and so Thrive’s Organic cat foods have an extra high meat content of 95%.  We add a very small proportion of carbohydrates for strength and endurance.

Thrive’s Organic is gently steamed in the pouch to retain the nutritional content of the ingredients.  Thrive Organic range is certified by the UK’s Organic Farmers and Growers association.
All of the meats and vegetables in Thrive Organic cat food comes from certified organic farms.  Thrive believes that all animals should be humanely raised and that includes livestock and so all of Thrive’s Organic Cat Food meat comes from such animals.

Thrive ensure that there are no antibiotics or stress-released hormones in their foods.   Thrive’s cat foods are free of artificial preservatives and other additives.

Thrive only uses premium, unadulterated ingredients, no fillers, flavours or preservatives.

Feeding Recommendation:  1 to 2 pouches ONLY per day (for cats weighing around 3.5kg) depending of course on activity levels.

Also available in the 100% healthy and 100% natural Thrive Cat range are the delicious, no nonsense Complete Cat Food and delicious Freeze Dried Cat treats.

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