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Syno-Vital  -Veterinary Strength Liquid Feed Supplement for Healthy Joints, Skeleton & Coat

Joint problems are common in both ourselves and our pets. Synovial fluid naturally occurs in the joints and is important to lubricate the joints and tissues to allow free movement.

What is the solution to joint problems?
The supplementation of synovial fluid through the use of food supplements such as Syno-Vital can help alleviate joint problems.  Synovial fluid is made up of hyaluronan and other important components (lubricin, proteinases, and collagenases).

Hyaluronan has been described as ‘nature’s healing agent’ and ‘nature’s moisturiser’. It is an essential part of the fluid that lubricates the joints and has an important role in joint bone health.

Hyaluronan reduces friction, lubricates joints, absorbs shocks, allows passage of oxygen and nutrients, and removes carbon dioxide and metabolic wastes from the cartilage. Supplementation of hyaluronic acid helps in the production of synovial fluid.

How do I tell if my pet has a problem with its joints?
It is difficult as our pets can’t tell us they are in pain. However difficulties with standing up or getting up or down stairs, reluctance to go on walks, strange or uneven gait are all indicators.  Pets that have previously broken or damaged limbs may be particularly prone to joint problems and arthritis as they age.

What is Syno-Vital?
Syno-Vital is an easy-to-use liquid feed supplement that contains hyaluronan, which can be used to keep joints healthy, maintain bones and keep your pet’s coat shiny and smooth.

Is Hyaluronan safe?
Hyaluronan is non-toxic and occurs naturally in the body. It has been used since the 1950’s for eye surgery and is now available in the form of Syno-Vital as an amazing joint aid.  Due to its amazing ability to retain fluid, it is increasingly being used in cosmetics for its anti wrinkle (cell plumping!) properties.

Is there any condition which means my pet shouldn’t take Syno-Vital?
Syno-Vital hasn’t been tested on pregnant or lactating bitches so consult your vet before using.

How often does it need to be taken?
Syno-Vital should be used daily, simply apply the liquid to food or add to the animal’s drinking water. 

For how long does Syno-Vital need to be taken and how long before I see results?
Simply pump the required amount of Syno-Vital every day, to water or food. For best  results, use daily. A study shows that Syno-Vital’s high molecular weight Hyaluronan was found in the joints within 20 minutes whereas most joint products need to be taken for several weeks before any noticeable effect is seen.  Improvements should be seen after 30 days.

What is the difference between Hyaluronan and Glucosamine?
The benefits of glucosamine are well known as the building blocks of healthy cartilage and for its regenerative properties. For glucosamine to be useful to joint health it first needs to be converted to Hyaluronan. Therefore the direct use of Hyaluronan may result in faster results.

We asked one of our customers with an elderly dog to trial Syno-Vital before we would agree to stock it and the results were truly amazing. After only 7 days our ‘trial dog’showed a quite amazing improvement in mobility and happiness! We now have Syno-Vital available for all your pets on our shelves.

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