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Steakhouse Dog Food

Steakhouse Dog Food

Steakhouse 100% Pure.  No added vitamins, no meat broth, no by-products, no derivatives and no fillers.....JUST Meat.

Now in store...the full Steakhouse range of 100% Pure meats and the amazing Vitamin Bombs, made by the lovely people at Meat Love.

One of the fastest selling new food ranges we have ever introduced to Scampers.

Steakhouse is our pure meat line from Meat Love. Unadulterated, prime choice meat which is gently cooked in the tin. As a wet food, Steakhouse is ideal for 'home prepared' self-mixing with vegetables or dry foods when you want to up the meat intake in your dog’s daily diet, or suitable as an exclusion diet for dogs that may have food intolerances.

Steakhouse is a complimentary diet and is fantastic for people who like to home prepare their dogs food and want real human grade meats to mix with the rest of their dogs food.. All Steakhouse cans are designed to be fed in conjunction with the Steakhouse Vitamin Bombs; with the 5 varieties of cans and 3 varieties of Vitamin Bombs that's 15 different combinations!

Steakhouse products are made of 100% meat of human standard

Steakhouse is available in five varieties, Beef, Lamb, Game, Turkey and Goat, either 410g or 820g. tins  

Steakhouse + Vitamin Bombs + Smart Barf  = Complete Balanced Diet

Let's start mixing! 

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