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Smart Barf

Smart Barf

Raw Diet.  ‘You are what you eat’ that applies to your dogs too!

We know that fresh food is much healthier for us to eat than processed food, and many people think it’s the same for their dogs. They therefore feed them fresh ingredients, rather than heavily processed dry or tinned dog food.

Dogs are carnivores, their teeth and digestive systems are designed to eat raw food, and this type of diet is often referred to as Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF).

If you are feeding a home pre-prepared raw diet, then Smartbarf is the perfect complement for your dog’s diet to ensure it’s balanced, and of course, complete.

Smartbarf is an expertly crafted mixture of vegetables, herbs, fruits, seeds and more, which you can add to raw food, to give your dogs a wide range of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

The main benefits of a raw food diet for dogs are: -

  • Better overall mental and physical health.
  • Treatment and prevention of allergies, skin conditions, dental problems, conjunctivitis, body odour, wind, diarrhoea, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and many other common conditions.
  • Reduced veterinary costs.
  • Knowledge and control of ingredients and diet.
  • Greater food satisfaction, and improved appetite for fussy eaters.
  • Calmer, more responsive, and better behaved dogs.

The cost of raw feeding is similar to feeding reasonable quality processed dog food, and there are many “pre-made” frozen minces available, which, together with Smartbarf, make raw feeding easy, enjoyable and very rewarding for you and your dogs.

Read just a few of the testimonies.

"  I could not possibly have had the time to source all the ingredients plus all that is required to make it palatable for my dog. Smartbarf along with raw meat/fish diet has changed my dog completely.

I am bowled over by this product, what a find! Feeding my dog a raw diet was a huge revelation and I would never go back. The only aspect that can be inconvenient and a little concerning is making sure my dog gets all the necessary vitamins, minerals and so on without the time-consuming hunt – Smartbarf has it all.

The long and short of it is that SmartBarf saves me a awful lot of time and effort, and probably money by providing the vegetable side of the BARF diet.  "

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