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More™ Cat Food

More™  Cat Food

MORE cat foods are being sold exclusively in Specialist pet stores, that's us, not a supermarket.

MORE being at Scampers will give many more of our customers the opportunity to feed a Hypoallergenic, All Natural, Super Premium pet food at a price you can afford without any pet food nasties. If you would like to upgrade your pets food to MORE please ask to speak to a Scampers Petcare Advisor.

Want to know More?
More™ is a super premium veterinarian style food specially formulated to help your cat lead a long and healthy life. The recipe contains high levels of fresh chicken meat and has natural hypo-allergenic properties, as its free from ingredients such as wheat gluten, beef and dairy products which can cause common allergies in cats resulting in skin, coat and digestive problems. With Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids More™ will help improve or maintain your cats healthy skin & coat.

• Natural  - Rich in natural chicken with no artificial colours or flavours. Preserved naturally with vitamins E and C and rosemary extract.

• Dental Care  -  In the wild, cats would gnaw on bones as they ate which would keep their teeth clean. Mores’ crunchy kibble helps to reduce tartar and plaque in the same way. No added sugar.

• Digestion  -  More™ is very easy to digest because it's rich in high quality chicken meat and wheat gluten free, plus we add yucca extract to reduce faecal odour.

• Immune Boost   -  Contains important antioxidants vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium, lutein, beta-carotine and citrus extracts, rich in bioflavenoids which have been shown to be essential for natural immune function.

• Taurine  -  With added taurine, which promotes healthy vision, healthy mind and a healthy heart.

• Urinary Tract - Formulated to ensure a correct urinary pH, with balanced minerals and amino acids that should help prevent any urinary tract disorders.

Nutritional Advice
If you have any questions about dog or cat nutrition, or if you are thinking of trying our product and need some advice, pop in and speak to one of our Pet Care Advisors.

Easy to Digest
More™ has been specially tailored to suit your pets’ individual dietary needs. Because it’s so easily digestible you don’t have to feed nearly as much as tinned foods so it works out quite cheap too!

Totally Delicious
While our scientists were making sure that More is good for your pet, our chefs were making sure that it tastes delicious! After all, it’s no good being healthy if it’s not yummy too!

Nothing Artificial
Too many pet foods out there rely on artificial flavourings to make their foods tasty, or use lots of artificial preservatives. Not us! All natural all of the time, that’s Mores’ promise to you.