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Keter Knit Cozy Pet Beds

Keter Knit Cozy Pet Beds

Combine a classic knit pattern with 3D design and flexible resin material and what do you get? A pet bed even the pickiest of pets will love and made to complement your home decor.

The Keter Knit Cozy Pet beds range are truly unique pieces of pet furniture that’s as decorative as it is functional.

The new Knit Cozy Pet Bed range combines 3D design with a classic knit pattern and sturdy resin material for durability. They come complete with a plush, comfortable cushion that keeps your small pet comfortable and in the lap of luxury.

With its outer resin material and its inner plush removable cushion, the Cozy Pet Bed range is low maintenance and easy to keep looking great in your home.

The new Keter pet range consists of the Knit Cozy Pet Home and the Knit Cozy Pet Bed.

Knit Cozy Pet Home is a unique pet house that resists weather and pet damage and comes with a pair of comfy cushions.  So whether your pet likes to sit on top, or happy to curl up inside, the choice is theirs.

Knit Cozy Pet Bed is perfect for those pets that like to curl up.  It’s compact size makes it ideal for both cats and small dogs where they can feel safe and enveloped in comfort. The Knit Cozy Pet Bed comes with a plush comfy cushion.

  • It’s also low maintenance and easy to keep in great shape.
  • Included cushions ensure that your pet is always comfy.
  • To clean, remove cushions and wash by hand and wipe down the flexible resin exterior.
  • Washable inner cushions.
  • Lightweight

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