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Hownd Natural Cologne & Parfum for Dogs

Hownd Natural Cologne & Parfum for Dogs

Butch Leather Cologne for Man Dogs and Peach Bum Parfum for the Ladies are two long-lasting natural fragrances. 

From puppyhood to golden oldies, your dogs will look, feel and smell wonderful! These two distinctive fragrances can be used to freshen up the coat in between baths, or as a splash of decadence post cut and blow dry.

Hownd Natural Cologne and Parfum are 100% free from harsh chemicals such as alcohol, parabens, soap and dyes. They are safe to use with topical flea products, too. HOWND is against animal cruelty. Butch Leather & Peach Bum are Leaping Bunny certified by Cruelty Free International.

Peach Bum Natural Parfum for Lady Dogs

Peach Bum is the perfume of love created for your beloved pooch. It is a supremely feminine fragrance with heart notes of sweet orange essential oils, jasmine and peach.

This deeply romantic yet playful scent may have you leaping through the park with your dog, so watch out for the hounds trailing this exquisite scent!

Butch Leather Natural Cologne for Man Dogs

Hownds much loved Butch Leather fragrance is back in town! This time in a bigger more luxurious bottle. Butch Leather - for those of you unfamiliar with this must-have cologne for discerning dogs - is inspired by the scent of warm, soft leather and lush woods. Beware, with head notes of Vetiver and Cedarwood, this unique scent will have packs of girlie tails wagging!

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