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Drontal Plus

Drontal Plus

For 18 years, Drontal Plus has been overwhelmingly the vet's first-choice wormer, prescribed well over twice as often as all other wormers put together.

But now, it has been succeeded by NEW Drontal Plus Flavour - the same power, the same effectiveness, but now with an appetising beef  flavour.

Like all Drontal tablets, it works with a single dose, and can be given with or without food. In fact it still gives you all the advantages of Drontal Plus. But for dogs, the new beef flavour makes it less like a treatment, and more like a treat.

Drontal Plus XL.  Because a St. Bernard may weigh 30 times more than a Chihuahua, worming big dogs used to require as many as 6 tablets. Not any more! With Drontal Plus XL, you can worm a 35 kg dog with just one tablet.

The Drontal range of dog and cat single dose wormers and Frontline Spot -On Flea and Tick treatments are all available from the Scampers Pet Pharmacy. We currently have 5 fully qualified CSQP pet care advisors available 7 days a week to help you protect your family and prevent fleas, ticks and worms in your pets.